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A recent online video from Weifang, East China"s Shandong province, has attracted web users" attention. It shows a shocking scene of a man saving a boy falling from a fifth floor window by grabbing him in midair.

With no adult at home, the 2-year-old child crawled out of the window to the air conditioning unit and was seen by neighbors.

Hearing cries and shouts outside, Liu Yangming and his father ran out of their home and found the boy in immediate danger, dangling from the air conditioning unit beneath the fifth-floor window.

Liu rushed into the building and knocked the door of residents who live downstairs, hoping to break into one"s flat to approach the kid at risk. Luckily, residents of one household on the first floor were home and let Liu and his father in.

Liu climbed over the window and stood on the narrow, short cement board protruding below it, ready to catch the boy. At the moment the boy fell, the father, leaning out the window, made a first attempt to grasp him but failed. Almost at the same time, Liu succeeded in stopping him from plunging to the ground by grabbing one of his legs and lifting him up. This happened in the span of a few seconds.

People nearby were shocked at the scene and concerned for the child. Once the boy was rescued, they gave a sigh of relief.

Liu"s heroic action won praise from the neighborhood and thumb-ups from many netizens, as the rescue was recorded by one onlooker"s phone and posted online.